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Eight TikTok creators have filed a lawsuit against the US government over their new law that would force the sale or ban of the video app, owned by Chinese ByteDanceLTD. The Potential TikTok Ban So Far Joe Biden recently signed into law a bill that requires TikTok’s Chinese owner to sell the social media app’s US operations or face a ban, after the Senate passed the legislation. The bill gives TikTok’s Beijing-based parent, ByteDance, 270 days to sell the app’s US operations and if not, it will then face a

The potential ban of the social media platform TikTok following the U.S. government’s concern about national security implications could have an unfortunate effect on Black creators. The potential TikTok ban The U.S. government, concerned about national security implications linked to TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance, proposed a bill with a profound impact.  The Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, a 12-page document, threatened to uproot TikTok from American soil unless ByteDance sold it. On Wednesday, March 13, the Republican-controlled House voted 352 to 65 on a bill requiring TikTok either be divested from

TikTok-owner ByteDance has launched a new app called Lemon8 that is helping some content creators monetize their work. What is Lemon8?  Lemon8 is a social media app centered around lifestyle and community. The content-sharing platform has been designed to help creators monetize their work and reach a wider audience. The picture-based app, described as a fusion of Instagram and Pinterest, first launched in Japan in 2020 and is now available to download in several countries.  To help the platform’s expansion, ByteDance has decided to start paying creators to post on the