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A recent leak of data from SoundThinking, the company behind ShotSpotter, has shed light on its disproportionate impact on Black and Latine communities. This revelation comes from a detailed WIRED analysis of a leaked document, which reveals the locations of 25,580 ShotSpotter microphones globally, including in the United States. ShotSpotter’s Impact On Black And Latine Communities  The data, which was obtained anonymously, marks the first exposure of SoundThinking’s extensive surveillance network.  It shows that microphones have been placed in over a thousand elementary and high schools, hospitals, public housing complexes, and significant government buildings, including

Nonprofit BITE-CON Foundation and 4Geeks Academy, the national technology bootcamp, are collaborating to provide Black and brown people with training for tech jobs. BITE-CON Foundation and 4Geeks Academy The BITE-CON Foundation is committed to bridging the technological divide for Black and Brown communities. They engage and inspire through technology through their Annual Web3 Technology Conference, nationwide pop-up events, and community-based STEAM and sports activities. They aim to impact a pipeline of one million BIPOC and women technologists over the next five years through strategic partnerships, workforce development and thought leadership.