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A 62-year-old Kansas City resident has filed a lawsuit that claims that her white supervisor gave preferential treatment to younger, white employees with less experience and seniority. Over the past five years, Dethera Morris, alleges she has been singled out by upper managers, is frequently mocked and ridiculed behind her back, and is generally treated with disrespect because of her race and age. The employee also alleged she was frequently bullied by her direct boss in front of others and felt intimidated. The lawsuit was filed in Jackson County Circuit

Originally by Musawenkosi Cabe, NewFrame The exploitation of workers by tech giants is another pandemic while the world is battling Covid-19. Labor experts have called for the regulation of the gig economy, where loopholes see workers carrying all the risk with no benefits.  As the world moves towards digitization, or what is termed the fourth industrial revolution, new forms of unregulated and precarious work have emerged. This space is dominated by tech giants such as Amazon, Uber, Facebook and Apple. Amazon made obscene profits in the midst of Covid-19. It

America is in the midst of a Black maternal health crisis, and according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2020, Black women in America are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women, a disparity the CDC attributes to factors including underlying chronic conditions, structural racism, and implicit bias. There is a damning body of research showing how Black women and birthing people go unseen and unheard as they navigate the healthcare system with celebrities like Beyoncé and Serena Williams bringing attention to the risks of childbirth

A white teacher in Rochester, New York, is being investigated over allegations that he made Black students pick cotton and wear handcuffs during lessons about slavery, and now parents at the school, where half the students are Black, are calling for the teacher to be fired. According to the newspaper Democrat and Chronicle, two children in separate classes told their mothers a white teacher referred to himself as “massah” — a word for master historically used by enslaved Black people — and allowed white students to opt out of the tasks.

Founded in 2018, Base10 Partners is helmed by managing partners Adeyemi Ajao and TJ Nahigian. Now it’s just been announced as the first Black-led VC firm to cross $1 Billion AUM with its new fund. This new early-stage fund follows a $137 million fund in 2018 and a $250 million Fund II in 2020. Previously – the firm invested in about 30 companies per fund with large lead checks of up to $15 million that would give it 15% to 20% stakes in a startup. The San Francisco-based firm uses a

Black content creators continue to lead the way in online spaces such as Instagram – from memes, and dances to the way in which they have utilized the app for digital activism and campaigning on important issues. But for far too long – these same creators have often been cast to the side, not credited, and even paid less by advertisers and brands. A report published last year by the communications company MSL and educational organization The Influencer League stated that the pay gap between Black and white content creators

Online lending marketplace LendingTree published a new study on places with the most Black-owned businesses in the United States, based on the US Census Bureau Annual Business Survey data. Fayetteville, NC was found to have the highest percentage of Black-owned businesses in the US. Other metros in the South — including Washington, DC — join Fayetteville at the top of the list. Pittsburgh, however, ranked the lowest out of the 50 American metros listed, with a mere 1.0% of small businesses being Black-owned — a percentage that falls below the national Black

Brazilian companies have started to explicitly seek out Black and Indigenous workers to diversify their ranks, a step to reverse the deep inequality that has racked the country since the area was first settled centuries ago. The country is LinkedIn’s third-largest market, after the United States and India, with 55 million users, or one in every four people in Brazil. So naturally, employers would advertise jobs there. But in February, a think tank in São Paulo was looking for a financial coordinator that would be willing to take on the

Just 15 at the time of his conviction, Marcus Bullock was sentenced to a penitentiary full of men twice his age. Now he is the founder of Flikshop, a mobile app for people to upload and send digital postcards with photos and messages that make their way to their loved ones currently incarcerated. To use the Flikshop app, users pay 99 cents to send a message and upload a photo that can be sent to prisons and jails across the nation. Bullock also has a Flikshop Angels program that allows people to

Microsoft said this week that it had fired some employees and terminated partnerships in relation to allegations made public Friday of bribery in its sales efforts in the Middle East in recent years. The disclosure came regarding allegations of bribery and corruption in Microsoft operations in the region made public by a former manager for the company named Yasser Elabd, who worked for the tech giant throughout the Middle East and Africa from 1998 to 2018, when he says he was fired. In an essay published Friday on Lioness, an outlet that documents

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