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Pinterest’s use of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered inclusive filters is proving popular among its Gen Z users. Pinterest Using AI Pinterest is a digital inspiration space with nearly 500 million users that aims to enhance user satisfaction with inclusive AI. The inception of AI-powered filters in 2018 marked a significant stride for Pinterest. These filters, designed for skin tone, body type, and hair patterns, enable users to find images resonating with their personal features. According to Business of Fashion, results show that in 2023 alone, searches utilizing hair-pattern filters surged by 41%,

Students at the University of Arizona’s Center for Digital Humanities are working to digitally preserve historical Black artifacts.  Blending Technology With Black History Under the guidance of Bryan Carter, the center’s director and a professor of Africana studies, students have been working to digitally preserve Black artifacts from the Tucson Center for Black Life. The Tuscon Center for Black Life was founded by Charles Kendrick, the first Black graduate of the UArizona R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy. Its collection includes statues of Black regiments in the U.S. Army—Buffalo Soldiers—as

Joe Cecala and Dwain J. Kyles are launching The Dream Exchange, which is set to become the first Black-owned stock exchange in the United States. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Influence The two, influenced by the civil rights movement and drawing inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., aim to bridge the gap between Main Street and Wall Street, creating a more inclusive financial marketplace.  “What he [Dr. King] began to understand in the later years of his life [is] that you were not going to achieve equality anywhere in

Uber Technologies Inc. is set to invest in Nigerian startup Moove in a funding round that could reach up to $100 million, Bloomberg reports. Moove Founded in Lagos in 2020 by British-born Nigerian entrepreneurs Ladi Delano and Jide Odunsi, Moove has expanded its reach beyond its origins. The duo’s aim is to build the world’s largest integrated vehicle financing platform for mobility entrepreneurs. With its headquarters in Amsterdam, the company now operates across Africa, the UK, the UAE, and India.  Moove’s innovative business model revolves around a unique credit-scoring system,

Kobie Fuller, a general partner at Upfront Ventures, has a new initiative to highlight the contributions of Black inventors through the power of artificial intelligence (AI).  Meet Kobie Fuller Fuller’s latest project, an AI chatbot, is a tribute to the often-underappreciated achievements of Black innovators whose work has significantly shaped modern society. Fuller’s motivation extends beyond simply creating an educational tool. His vision is to use AI as a means of communication and knowledge sharing, particularly in celebrating Black history.  This approach reflects his commitment to amplifying Black voices and empowering

Derek “MixedByAli” Ali, a multi-Grammy Award-winning audio engineer, has recently raised $7.5 million for his startup, EngineEars.  Ali’s journey in music has been marked by his work with influential artists like Roddy Ricch, Donald Glover, and Kendrick Lamar. Ali’s Journey To Music Ali’s passion for music emerged from having little to no formal musical training and growing up with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He found his calling in high school by experimenting with technology and music, leading to his early experiments with custom ringtones that laid the groundwork for a

Black-owned startup The SMART Tire Company (STC) is calling on Black celebrities, investors, and engineers to help disrupt the global tire market industry at $300 billion. SMART tires: TIME’s Best Inventions STC is best known for its space-age tires, which are changing the way vehicles perform on and off the road. The tires were initially designed for NASA’s Mars Rover program, but STC was founded to commercialize this advanced tire technology as part of the FedTech NASA Startup Program. The company’s inaugural product is a high-performance, airless bicycle tire made

A recent development in the tech industry is the quiz game “Are You Blacker than ChatGPT?” created by creative ad agency McKinney.  Are You Blacker Than ChatGPT? This interactive game challenges players to test their knowledge of Black culture against ChatGPT, OpenAI’s language model. The game’s inception traces back to a creative brainstorm at McKinney, led by copywriter Meghan Woods and a Black-led team.  It took a year to develop, with the underlying goal of pointing out ChatGPT’s limitations in grasping the nuances of Black culture.  The deficiency stems from

Google’s latest AI tool, Gemini, designed to create diverse images, has been temporarily stopped after sparking controversy over its depiction of historical figures.  AI Tool Gemini Gemini was made to create realistic images based on users’ descriptions in a similar manner to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Like other models, it is trained not to respond to dangerous or hateful prompts and to introduce diversity into its outputs. However, users reported that Gemini, in its attempt to avoid racial bias, often generated images with historically inaccurate representations of gender and ethnicity. For example,

Two brothers, Adrian and Ronnie Wright, have launched the XB app to change how residents can discover and connect with Black-owned businesses in their area.  The Journey Of XB The journey began with a Facebook group named “Black Portland,” created by Adrian in 2015. It was seen as a place of reconnection for the Black community in Portland, which faced numerous challenges during the 1980s. These included difficulties in securing mortgages and increasing crime rates in Black neighborhoods.  “Displaced residents relocated eastward, while newcomers, often employed by major corporations, gravitated

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