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Banks are now considering using AI for their annual review processes, according to Workday Inc., which may cause issues for Black and minority workers. Workday Inc. has rolled out new products that rely on AI to write job descriptions or aid managers in writing up annual reviews of workers’ performance. Co-Chief Executive Officer of Workday Carl Eschenbach told Bloomberg that banks have expressed interest in those products. Less Time And More Productivity It’s all part of their efforts to streamline operations and cut costs, he said, announcing the offering will

YouTube has introduced an AI experiment exploring how technology can create deeper connections between artists, creators, and fans, including John Legend, T-Pain, and Papoose. The rise of AI-generated music has sparked excitement and concern within the music industry, from calls for legal action to taking advantage of opportunities to revolutionize music creation. The Dream Track The Dream Track experiment will feature YouTube Shorts and is powered by Google DeepMind’s most advanced music generation model, Lyria. Nine artists, John Legend, Papoose, T-Pain, Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, Sia,

Leap Financial, a financial services tech company focused on Hispanic and Latin Americans, has launched Lola AI. The new AI assistant coaches recently arrived immigrants to the US, helping them fully integrate. Leap Financial The 2022 Census estimated more than 46 million immigrants live in the US, comprising about 13.9% of the population. Almost 80% of America’s unicorn companies have an immigrant founder or an immigrant in a crucial leadership role, such as CEO. Leap Financial is a team of engineers, designers, and software developers who create and launch innovative

Tech Spark AI has raised $1.4 million to create a new generative AI platform, Spark Plug, which aims to create a more inclusive, personalized educational experience for students. The pre-seed funding round was led by TD Bank, with participation from Salesforce, Canada’s government, and NBA Canada. An educational ChatGPT alternative Tamar Huggins and her 13-year-old daughter Talia Grant founded the AI company eight years ago to improve the education experience of Black and brown students across North America. Tech Spark is Canada’s first tech and design school committed to empowering

Apple has agreed to pay $25 million to resolve allegations of illegal discrimination in its hiring and recruitment processes. The Department of Justice (DOJ) accused Apple of violating anti-discrimination laws, specifically related to its permanent labor certification program (PERM), which enables companies to hire foreign workers permanently in the US. The allegations The DOJ investigation found that Apple favored current employees holding temporary visas who sought permanent positions, creating barriers for other applicants. “Apple did not advertise positions Apple sought to fill through the PERM program on its external job

Shekel Mobility, a B2B marketplace and management system for auto dealers, has secured over $7 million in funding, comprising $3.2 million in equity and over $4 million in debt. Small and medium-scale dealerships comprise nearly 82% of the African car dealership market, according to Many of these dealers struggle with offering affordable prices for used cars due to insufficient financing options. In most sub-Saharan Africa, the figure for automotive transactions is less than 2%. Shekel Mobility aims to change that. Shekel Mobility Shekel Mobility empowers auto dealerships to realize

UpSurge Baltimore has named Kory Bailey its new CEO. Founded in 2021, UpSurge Baltimore is an ecosystem builder focused on making Baltimore the country’s first Equitech city and a launching pad for founders of all backgrounds. Bailey will be the first Black person to lead the company. Meet Kory Bailey Bailey is a noteworthy leader in the startup and tech community that focuses on developing relationships locally and nationally with founders, investors, and startup support organizations. Bailey, from Durham, NC, grew up loving sports and technology and went on to

Taiwanese American model Sheeren Wu has alleged that a fashion designer uploaded an AI-altered image of her to make her appear white. What Happened? Wu took to TikTok to explain the incident as Michael Costello, a designer who has worked with Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Celine Dion, posted a photo of her to his Instagram. The image was from a recent LA fashion show, where she states she walked for Costello. However, Wu explained that although it was the black ballgown she walked the runway in, her face had been

A survey conducted by Charter Works found that 53% of Black respondents are afraid of being replaced by AI in comparison to 39% of white respondents. The survey detailed the many possible futures for the technology, including how it can augment workers, displace workers, change the vast majority of jobs, and perpetuate biases. It can also have positives, such as identifying and removing biases, decreasing economic inequality, and being a coach for employees. Currently, one-third of organizations are applying AI across several business units, and 83% of companies consider using

The Colorado Division of Insurance (CDI) has adopted a new regulation to prevent life insurers that rely on models and ECDIS from engaging in race-based discrimination. Life insurance regulators have been grappling for several years with the potential risks and benefits of insurers using AI and the significant external data sources utilized by AI in underwriting. The technology used raises regulatory questions, including concerns that its use could cause unfair discrimination. Several insurance regulators have also expressed concern that external data sources used by AI and other algorithms could contribute

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