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10Pearls, a global, purpose-driven digital technology partner, is launching a “Women in Tech” program for Latin American women in Costa Rica on February 10th. Founded by brothers Imran and Zeeshan Aftab, 10Pearls partners with clients to imagine, design, build, and deliver innovative mobile and digital products. The company has a diverse clientele that includes Global 1000 enterprises and high-growth startups and has offices in the US, Costa Rice, Colombia, the UK, Pakistan, and Peru. Women in Tech Program The Women in Tech launch event in Costa Rice will consist of a series of

Target has pulled a Black History Month magnetic learning activity book that misidentified civil rights leaders from its shelves. A Black history teacher pointed out the errors in a now-viral TikTok.  Las Vegas teacher Tierra Espy went to TikTok to announce she bought the Civil Rights Magnetic Learning Activity Kit for her children during Black History Month. The magnetic activity book featured 26 magnets and informational cards featuring illustrations of Black leaders and slogans from the civil rights movement. However, Espy pointed out on TikTok that the book mixes up

Xbox has announced a partnership with Gameheads, a video game design program, to showcase Black-created games in recognition of Black History Month. Black-Created Games Dametra Johnson-Marletti, Corporate Vice President of Gaming Consumer Sales at Microsoft, announced the collaboration. She stated that video games have the potential to be a platform to preserve shared history and honor the stories of people of color in an engaging way that can disarm defenses and build empathy and understanding. “Gamers from underrepresented communities will not only feel like their voices are heard, but have a greater opportunity

Colorintech and Meta have launched the Spectrum AI Accelerator tailored to harness the potential of diverse UK technology founders. Colorintech is an award-winning nonprofit working towards a more transparent and inclusive tech economy. It is known for its student programs and working with governments, universities, VCs, and technology companies to help close the wealth and opportunity gap for underrepresented individuals. The AI Roadshow The program is a “Roadshow” where the duo will cover three core areas across different stakeholders in the community to make them positively impacted by AI. The Roadshow is a visionary

Chancellor David C. Banks has announced the launch of the NYC School Bus App, which allows parents to see where their child’s bus is in real-time. Banks and New York City Mayor Eric Adams launched the app to provide peace of mind to families with students who ride yellow buses by allowing them to track their bus trips in real-time. For a city with the largest school district in the nation, it buses approximately 150,000 students daily. NYC School Bus App The NYC School Bus App, developed in collaboration with Via,

Team Genius Squad, a toy brand created by 11-year-old entrepreneur and author Ava N. Simmons, has launched its new STEM toy line in Whole Foods Market stores. Team Genius Squad Simmons, also known as the STEM Princess, created Team Genius Squad to promote STEM awareness and encourage individuals to believe in themselves, identify their uniqueness, and pursue their goals. Last year, in 2023, the team decided to start in-person events and designed a STEM Mobile Lab to travel across the country. They then launched their own STEM toys, with 15

Google has purchased Edlyft’s AI tutor – a generative AI co-pilot for college students studying computer science. Erika Hairston and Arnelle Ansong, two long-time friends, founded Edlyft in 2020 to support Black college students and adults enrolled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses. Their digital platform connects learners to inclusive mentorship, online group tutoring, live and recorded sessions, and personalized study tools, enabling them to succeed in their classes and secure high-paying jobs. Over the past two years, Edlyft collaborated with Google through their Google Tech Exchange, teaching applied data structures to Historically

British semiconductor company Arm has joined the Black Talent and Leadership in STEM program as the first consortium member of their “Be the Change” initiative. Located in the UK’s answer to Silicon Valley – ‘Silicon Fen’, Arm is the leading technology provider of processor intellectual property. Be The Change Recently, the Black Talent and Leadership Program launched the “Be the Change” initiative at Homerton College, University of Cambridge, to address the underrepresentation of Black talent in STEM. It was delivered with Cambridge Wireless, Homerton Changemakers, the University of Cambridge, the 10,000 Interns Foundation, and

Nigerian-born Richard Nonso is among the recipients of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Starting Out (ToLSO) program, a micro-grant for young Canadians. Tomorrow’s Leaders Starting Out  ToLSO is a project delivered by Nigerian Canadians for Cultural, Educational, and Economic Progress (NCCEEP). Launched in December, ToLSO is a micro-grant for young Canadians aged 15-30, funded by the Canada Service Corps. Offering a $5,000 micro-grant, it aims to empower young Canadians to create action-based projects that make a lasting difference in their communities. Although the program is available to grant candidates of any background, NCCEEP member and program

Echo360 has announced its annual grants program that now features new award opportunities for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Echo360 is the most comprehensive, global, SaaS-based video platform for creating, delivering, and measuring learning engagement outcomes in any learning environment. The 2024 Echo360 e3 Tech Grants Program The 2024 program will award 20 recipients cash or software grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 in two grant categories: EchoImpact Grants and EchoInnovation Grants. EchoImpact Grants support instructors and researchers using Echo360 solutions to improve learner outcomes empirically. Conversely, the EchoInnovation Grants

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