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The Plug and Omidyar Network have partnered to introduce The Black Tech Effect Report, the first of its kind to measure the social impact of high-growth, Black-led tech companies worldwide.  What is The Black Tech Effect Report?  Traditional analysis platforms have overlooked black tech founders for decades. As a result, the off-the-mark analysis has created a false narrative around the progression of Black-led tech companies.  To redefine how we view Black success, The Plug and Omidyar Network have created a report that measures social impact instead of the ‘number of

The idea of running a business is exciting, but there is no denying that being a startup founder can be an overwhelming experience.  From managing finances to staying on top of social media trends, many business owners wear multiple hats to keep their business functioning.  According to The Plug’s analysis of Census Bureau data, approximately 10% of businesses that employed less than 20 people were forced to close in 2020. Likewise, statistics have shown that 45% of entrepreneurs have reported feeling stressed, which has led to mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. 

MNFTM has officially launched its premier Web3 NFT marketplace platform for Black and brown creators globally.  The world’s first NFT marketplace for Black and ethnically diverse creators The NFT Marketplace will be the world’s first-ever platform created explicitly for Black and ethnically diverse creators. The initiative hopes to address the gap in the market by providing a ground-breaking space where equality and collecting can co-exist in the digital realm.  Founded by CEO Ed Ukaonu, the marketplace will work to represent all voices in the evolving digital economy. The platform’s business model focuses

Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN) has officially opened nominations for its tech industry awards ceremony.  Financial services provider BMO will host this year’s event to celebrate the influential and innovative work of Black professionals in the industry.  Despite this initiative being the first of its kind, this isn’t the first time BPTN has opened doors for Black professionals. Earlier this year, founder, Lekan Olawoye announced the launch of the Obsidi platform, a conduit to opportunities for black professionals. “We know that Black professionals and Black-led organizations are crushing it both in

Nigerian filmmaker and artist Malik Afegbua is challenging the misconceptions around African beauty, especially within the older generation.    Artificial Intelligence has grown to become a trendy part of internet culture today. Despite being a controversial tech tool, one scroll through your internet feed will show you how many people are gearing toward an AI world.  Malik Afegbua’s fashion show which displayed photos of elegant old-fashioned seniors in the chicest African attire, took the internet by storm.  The series of images, called Fashion Show for Seniors, has garnered over 100,000

This article by Chuma Okoro was originally published on Medium. In the last decade, it seems there’s been a surge of black men jumping into the tech industry. What happened?? I think there are 4 main reasons. 1: 6 figure → 8 figure The historical number of 6 figures has always been a theme in society. The idea was that if you can secure a job that pays you 6 figures, you would be set for life. Those same ideas exist today and have even grown to the idea of

A new report by the RAND Corp. has revealed that the success of Pittsburgh’s tech sector heavily relies on the city’s ability to diversify its tech hires.  What did the report reveal?  The report titled “Assessing Pittsburgh’s Science and Technology-Focused Workforce Ecosystem” has disclosed that, among other challenges, Pittsburgh faces a declining population that severely impacts its workforce. According to the report, approximately 18% of Pittsburgh’s employment works in science and technology-focused occupations, which is higher than the national figure of 16%. However, Pittsburgh’s workforce does not reflect the makeup of its population,

Has your phone ever died while you were outside and couldn’t find a charging point anywhere? We’ve all been there. This common problem is why WiGL – pronounced wiggle – is working to make wireless electrical power accessible for everyone.   Dr. Ahmad Glover, founder and interim CEO of the Wireless-electric Grid Local Air network (WiGL), is designing a network that says goodbye to cords and wires.  What problem is WiGL trying to solve? The world relies heavily on portable battery power. As a result, the battery has become one of the most

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Tampa Bay Wave have come together to launch the city’s first-ever tech accelerator for Latin Americans. What is the LatinTech accelerator program? Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Tampa Bay Wave has secured funding to launch the city’s first-ever tech accelerator for Latin Americans. The program aims to provide minority-owned companies with the support they need to scale successfully and remove the barriers against them.  “Since the launch of the new Chamber [in 2019], it was our goal to produce a Latin tech accelerator. We thank Congresswoman Kathy Castor for

Black founder-turned-investor Monique Woodard has announced the launch of Cake Ventures‘ new $17 million fund to help pre-seed and seed investments.  Cake Ventures’ first fund  After closing her first fund in March 2021, Woodard shifted her focus to create a fund that would help underrepresented founders often overlooked by Silicon Valley.  The $17 million fund will focus on pre-seed and seed investments. Woodard’s focus is to help businesses drive demographic change within three main areas: aging and longevity-minded population, increased earning power of women in society, and the shift to

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