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To increase AI representation in Africa, DeepMind partnered with The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences to launch a new AI for Science Masters program in Africa.  DeepMind, a cutting-edge AI company compromised of scientists, engineers, and researchers, is committed to using science to help benefit humanity.   The AI company believes an essential part of the program’s development will be its expansion to different countries. To achieve this, DeepMind has launched a scholarship program to ensure AI technologies are built to benefit everyone. The scholarship program will provide talented students from

The Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation) has partnered with the African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP) to help Africa’s biodiversity hotspots.  AfricaBP is a pan-African platform created in 2019 to help generate, analyze, and deploy genomics-based technology to improve African biodiversity and agriculture.  SFA Foundation is a pan-Africa, non-profit, and public charity organization supporting, strengthening, and promoting science and innovation in Africa. Like AfricaBP, the organization works to promote science and innovation in Africa.  Africa is one of many regions currently experiencing an unprecedented loss of its biodiversity due to human overexploitation.  “Without our biodiversity, we

25-year-old inventor, Roy Allela, is using his passion for modern technology to change lives – literally.  The tech enthusiast and data science tutor at Oxford University has invented smart gloves called Sign-IO to make communicating with the deaf community effortless.    Despite over 300 sign languages being spoken by 70 million people worldwide, only a tiny proportion of people worldwide understand them. This lack of understanding has created a barrier between the deaf community and the rest of the world.  Allela was inspired to create the gloves after experiencing first-hand how

Sparkee, a Black woman-owned tech company, is revolutionizing how we charge our phones. Their new product – which is currently available for pre-order – is the fastest charging device for those constantly on the go. It is compatible with all phone models and holds two USB-C Ports, allowing users to charge three devices simultaneously.   The Sparkee device is the sleekest device modernizing how we charge our phones through its wire-free programming, giving users multiple ways to charge their devices. It takes away the idea of having to “put your phone

A new report by Catalyst examining the experience women from marginalized ethnic groups have in the workplace has given a voice to those in the corporate world who often go unheard.  What did Catalyst’s exposé reveal?  The detailed report by Samantha E. Erskine, Ph.D., Sheila Brassel, Ph.D., and Kathrine Robotham, Ph.D., analyzed the experiences of 2,734 Black and brown working women based in Australia, Canada, South Africa, U.K., and the U.S. The researchers investigated their experiences’ similarities and differences to properly understand their view of the corporate world. The report aims to

To commemorate Black History Month, we have been spotlighting the Black pioneers in tech who have paved the way for up-and-coming Black technologists. From completely revolutionizing the technology world to creating the everyday tech items we can’t live without today. As a collective, this group has helped inspire a whole generation of Black professionals in tech. So, let’s meet them.  Frank Greene  Frank Greene was one of the first Black technologists who broke new ground for Black engineers to break into Silicon Valley in the 1960s.  Greene wore many hats throughout

David Balogun is raising the standard of Black excellence for all of us. The nine-year-old Pennsylvania native has made history as one of the youngest-ever high school graduates.  According to reports, Balogun received a diploma from Reach Cyber Charter school, confirming his place as the second youngest child to graduate high school.   Balogun has also been one step ahead of the game. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the 9-year-old scholar finished with over a 4.0 GPA, reports Business Insider.  “When we tested him for giftedness in first grade, he had already passed

NASA has announced plans to award eight HBCUs $11.7 million through its Data Science Equity, Access, and Priority in Research and Education (DEAP) opportunity.  The selected HBCU institutions will be picked by the Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) and the Science Mission Directorate, who will work alongside NASA to launch the DEAP opportunity.   “The increasing use of data science at NASA and beyond really drives home the need for a future workforce with data science knowledge,” said Mike Kincaid, associate administrator of NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement.  “With our newest collaboration, NASA

The winner of the Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic Startup Pitch Competition has finally been announced. Out of 200 startups who applied to participate in the competition, only one has made it to the finishing line. Child-friendly music app, Healthy Hip Hop, has officially been crowned the winner of the startup pitch competition. The platform, founded in 2019 by Roy Scott, is an educational app aimed at children, infusing hip-hop culture with innovative technology.  Last year, Michael B. Jordan announced that the Invesco QQQ startup pitch competition had returned for its second year in partnership

According to a new survey from Shopify, Black businesses contribute significantly to the company, yet they still struggle to get funding.  The barriers Black-owned businesses face Black-owned businesses face many barriers that limit their growth, including a need for more access to capital funding and investments. Not only does this make it harder for them to succeed, but it also limits their growth potential.  Despite racial and social justice movements catalyzing public support for Black businesses over recent years, minority founders have been left with unfulfilled promises of investments from banks,

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