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As a content strategist/UX writer at Google, my responsibilities were very much similar to a technical writer for a regulatory agency. The land of job titles is quite a tricky one in this field. The audiences, team members, content type, and products can be completely different, but I still go through a particular process for creating and publishing content. Even though each day is different, I’ll walk you through what I typically do for an upcoming product launch. Keep in mind, I could be jumping in between each step because I

This article is a follow up from our popular article  ‘Get Paid to Write (Not Code) in Tech’ Behind the scenes of what a writer does at Google I call myself a tech writer because the field of technical writing has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. When I write for the user-interface of a mobile app, for example, I put on my user-experience (UX) writer hat. When I write specifications for a web application that developers need access to, I put on my technical writing hat. As

Writing code is not the only way to break into Tech. However, you can get paid to write in Tech. I work with engineers daily and trust me, if it wasn’t for us tech writers, a lot of the websites and apps you use every day would be a tad difficult to use and understand. So you may be asking, what does a tech writer do anyway? So glad you asked. The short version – we write instructions. The slightly more interesting version, we tell people what to do. Ok,