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Elea Chang

You have an amazing backstory – going from studying engineering in college to being temporarily homeless to founding your own venture. How do you want to introduce yourself to the POCiT audience? I’m a black trans woman (with all the struggles that generally invites) and a successful web developer, project manager, and activist. In 2014, you started a queer trans collective called CollectQT. What was the inspiration behind it? The inspiration was two-fold. First was the incredible community support I experienced after moving to San Francisco. I had never felt

Everyone loves hearing origin stories. How did you first get into tech? My father works in technology at a state university. I used to sit in his lap like a baby and play a typing game he’d pull up on his screen. As I got older, he never stopped encouraging my inner tinkerer, and so I was constantly building things and taking apart computers. Weirdly, I didn’t consider a career in tech. I was into everything: writing, chemistry, physics, art; you name it. Your background is originally in Social Entrepreneurship.