People of color

We exist to tell the stories of people of color in tech and create new ones

Our vision

To shape a future where Black and Latine people have a greater influence on our technology-driven economy.

Our work

We provide content, community, and career opportunities for people of color in tech.

Our weekly newsletter provides a roundup of the top stories for and about people of color in tech, and our award-winning podcast, Techish, is the go-to place for all things tech, pop culture, and life.

Our jobs platform offers the latest and greatest career opportunities for people of color to enter, level up, and secure the bag in the world of tech.

Our story

In August 2015, Michael Berhane and Ruth Mesfun launched POCIT to platform the stories and thoughts of ‘people of color’ in technology. We did this by featuring articles and interviews with individuals across the industry, from startup founders to junior developers.

In May 2017, we launched a sister brand not just to tell the stories of people of color in tech but to create new ones. pocitjobs.com is a recruitment platform that helps connect people of color with jobs in tech and startups.

Our team

Michael Berhane

Jason Kitenge

Samara Linton

Sara Keenan

Azza Abdulla

Sofi Samuel

Co-Founder & CEO


Community Manager

Tech reporter

Account Executive

Account Manager Intern