June 13, 2024

will.i.am And Robert F. Smith New Partnership Connects Top College Talent With AI Careers


internXL has announced a partnership with FYI (Focus Your Ideas), an AI-powered productivity app for creatives co-founded by will.i.am and tech founder Sunil Reddy.

The partnership aims to connect college talent, particularly from underrepresented communities, with career opportunities in the AI and prompt engineering industry.

internXL and FYI Collaborate

An initiative of Robert F. Smith’s Fund II Foundation, internXL is an AI-driven platform that matches top employers with skilled entry-level candidates.

The platform’s s AI-generated recommendations consider the educational background, career aspirations, cognitive abilities, learning style, and personality to ensure a fair evaluation.

The collaboration with FYI taps into internXL’s pool of diverse, pre-vetted talent, giving its scholars exclusive access to creative projects and mentorship from leading experts in the field.

“Joining forces with Robert F. Smith, alongside internXL and FYI, is a dream come true because it shows people from our communities what our future will look like with the support of purpose-driven tech,” said will.i.am in a press release.

“By being solution-oriented, we prepare today’s generation to be the industry-makers of tomorrow. The aim is to focus our ideas with AI to solve yesterday’s problems; the future starts today.”

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The partnership will involve various initiatives and projects to provide college students practical skills, training, and career opportunities.

“Through this partnership, we want every young person with the drive, talent, and commitment to have exposure to career opportunities that could change their life – just like my first internship experience did for me,” said Robert F. Smith.

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Sara Keenan

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